Screen Printing Screens
Aluminum Frame Screens

Aluminum Frames are constructed with 6063T5 Alloy, each piece is hand cut, welded to insure water tight seal and ground smooth for flatness.
Wood Frame Screens

Our wood frames are hand made out of grade # 1 poplar hardwood.

They feature an offset two finger mortise & tenon joint for superior strength and durability. By making the strongest wood frame on the market, we're also able to stretch some of the highest mesh tensions available for wood frames. 

 Frames are finished with one coat of sanding sealer, which is then hand sanded.

And the finishing is completed with a coat of clear varnish, for solvent and water resistance.
19X22 Wood Screen 110W mesh - 25.35
19X22 Wood Screen 125W mesh - 24.85
19X22 Wood Screen 158W mesh - 26.35
20X24 Wood Screen 38W mesh -  26.95
20X24 Wood Screen 110W mesh - 26.30
20X24 Wood Screen 86W mesh -  26.30
19X22 Wood Screen 230Y mesh - 29.65
20X24 Wood Screen 125W mesh - 26.30
20X24 Wood Screen 158W mesh - 27.20
20X24 Wood Screen 158Y mesh - 27.60
20X24 Wood Screen 196Y mesh - 29.95
20X24 Wood Screen 230Y mesh - 30.55
20X24 Alum Screen 38W mesh -  33.50
20X24 Alum Screen 81W mesh -  33.19
20X24 Alum Screen 110W mesh - 33.19
20X24 Alum Screen 125W mesh - 33.45
20X24 Alum Screen 155W mesh - 33.55
20X24 Alum Screen 155Y mesh - 34.60
20X24 Alum Screen 200Y mesh - 35.95
20X24 Alum Screen 230Y mesh - 35.95
20X24 Alum Screen 305Y mesh - 38.65
23X31 Alum Screen 110W mesh - 39.45
23X31 Alum Screen 125W mesh - 40.15
23X31 Alum Screen 155W mesh - 40.20
23X31 Alum Screen 155Y mesh - 41.25
23X31 Alum Screen 200Y mesh - 42.95
23X31 Alum Screen 230Y mesh - 45.95
23X31 Alum Screen 305Y mesh - 47.45
25X36 Alum Screen 110W mesh - 59.75
25X36 Alum Screen 155Y mesh - 60.55
25X36 Alum Screen 200Y mesh - 62.95

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