Ulano Stencil Films
EZ-FILM-30 is ideal for standard textile printing using conventional, non-aqueous garment printing inks. It is priced to be an economical alternative to direct emulsion in material cost and because it offers significant savings in labor and production time. EZ-FILM-30 is ideal for mesh counts ranging from 230 - 419 threads /inch (90 and 165/cm.). It is pink in color and coated on 300-gauge matte-surface polyester. EZ-FILM-30 produces superb stencils quickly, consistently, and with no mess or waste. At a controlled-coating thickness, EZ-FILM-30’s exposure time and ink deposit (with the same mesh count) is always constant. It adheres perfectly, dries faster than direct emulsion, and exposes very quickly.EZ-FILM-30 can be adhered with plain water or with QTX® direct emulsion. EZ-FILM-30 is sold in convenient prepackaged sheets.​
​Size: 15"x17"
A&B Developer Powders are paired bottles of pre-measured, pre-weighed dry ingredients that are dissolved in tap water to make fresh developer solution for Ulano Blue Poly-2 indirect system photographic stencil film. 
Ulano A&B Developer
Ulano Indirect System Photographic Films provide the ultimate in stencil resolution and definition. The film is exposed, developed in Ulano A&B Developer, washed out, and
adhered to a screen, after which t's transparent backing is removed. Blue Poly-2 is a blue, medium thickness emulsion on a 2-mil optically flat polyester backing. Combines wide exposure latitude with excellent resolution. Ideal for general screen printing work. Resolution: 75 - 100 microns (3 - 4 mils). 40" X 300"roll
Indirect Stencil Films
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EZ-50 ORANGE is a pure photopolymer (SBQ), pre-sensitized capillary film appropriate for general sportswear printing. EZ-50 ORANGE is fast exposing and its high-contrast orange color “masks” halation and light scattering, thereby improving resolution without the need to use more-costly dyed mesh. EZ-50 ORANGE is coated on 300-gauge matte polyester. EZ-50 ORANGE (50 microns) is recommended for use with mesh counts ranging from 33 to 77 threads/cm. (86 – 196/inch.). EZ-50 ORANGE can be adhered with plain water, or with ORANGE ™ emulsion in the direct/indirect mode. Size: 15"x17"
EZ-50 Orange
Poly Blue 2
A&B Developer
EZ-50 Orange
40"x300" Roll
15"x17" 25 Sheets
15"x17" 25 Sheets
15"x17" 50 Sheets
15"x17" 50 Sheets