Triangle Sta-True Series Plastisol Screen Printing Inks
Sta-True 1700 Series plastisol is formulated for printing on polyester and 50/50 polyester/cotton blends for minimal bleed where normal plastisol films would be discolored due to the fabric dyes bleeding into the screen printed film.

Curing: 315 to 330F depending on ink deposit and dryer.
Triangle & Wilflex Screen Printing Inks
Wilflex™ Epic Series puts the most advanced non-phthalate ink technology to work for you.

Formulated without phthalates, these inks have excellent press performance, high-speed wet-on-wet printing, a smooth satin finish, a proven technology platform and are available for a wide range of specialty products and applications.

Simple to use and easy to print, Epic inks are based on well-known and time-tested formulations from our classic line of inks.
Wilflex Epic Top Score White
Wilflex™ Epic Top Score is designed to meet the changing demands in the athletic market. This ink provide a solution for common issues that arise when printing on polyester substrates that require low cute temperature and stretch, and are designed for opacity and bleed resistance.

Low Cure Temperatures : 260F - 280F
Wilflex's whitest white bright tiger delivers results for general-purpose applications. Used as a stand-alone or as an underbase for colors, Bright tiger yields a high degree of whiteness, superior opacity and fiber mat-down properties. When used as an underbase, overprint colors show a clean matte finish every time. Bright tiger comfortably prints in the 230-mesh range.
​Curing: 320F through entire ink film.

  For use on cotton and cotton blends
  Optically bright white, opaque
  Good flash properties
  Prints through fine meshes
  Use as a first-down, underbase flash white or an overprint stand-alone white
  Good bleed resistance
Wilflex Classic Bright Tiger
Wilflex Epic Series

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Wilflex Quick White Plastisol Ink

Wilflex Epic Quick White is a non-phthalate premium white ink that delivers superior printability and visual appearance. Epic Quick White can be used as an underbase flash white or as a highlight white. It is characterized by an extremely fast flash time with low after-tack, excellent fiber mat-down, high brightness, and matte appearance. Epic Quick White is designed to perform well on cotton/poly fabrics where moderate bleed-resistance is required.