Heat Transfer Vinyls
ThermoFlex® Reflective & Luminous 
Reflection Protection Silver™ is for nighttime visibility and brilliance in the spotlight.
Reflection Protection™ films consist of very small glass beads embedded in a layer of polyester film to reflect almost all the light that shines on them.

LuminousFlex is a glow in the dark flex film, laminated with a heat sealing adhesive. Glow in the dark decoration is becoming very popular and is suitable for sportswear, leisure wear and many other applications.
Price. 1-14ft. - 4.25/ft  15+ - 4.00/ft (cotton)       1-14ft. - 5.60/ft 15+ - 5.20/ft (nylon) 
ThermoFlex® Reflection Protection
ThermoFlex® LuminousFlex
Price.  8.20/ft

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