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Heat Transfer Vinyls
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ThermoFlex® ColorPrint / PolyFlock & More
ColorPrint™ Solvent/Eco-solvent films are polyurethane transfer materials designed for printing with solvent or eco-solvent inkjet printers, such as the Mimaki JV3, JV33 and JV5, the Roland HiFi and AJ 1000 and the HP DesignJet 8000, 9000 and 10000 contour cutting plotters, in addition to printing and cutting on the Roland VersaCAMM line of print and cut devices.
Colorprint™ Solvent,  features a soft hand and stretchable resilience permitting their application to elastomeric fabrics such as Lycra and Spandex. Their low transfer temperature (325° F) hot-melt adhesives and 15 second dwell time permit transfer to most fabrics including nylon.

Colorprint™ Solvent, with a gloss finish contains blocking agents that reduce dye migration into the film.

Testing has shown that when properly printed with solvent-based inkjet inks, images on these films maintain their quality and color without discernible fading for over 50 washings.
Reflection Protection Silver™ is for nighttime visibility and brilliance in the spotlight.
Reflection Protection™ films consist of very small glass beads embedded in a layer of polyester film to reflect almost all the light that shines on them.

Hotmelt Blue is used to bond foils to garments. It has a blue tint due to having a protective liner that you peel back before plotting and heat pressing. Use with our new Textile Foils.
Pressure Sensitive Solvent Flock PPF-591(Poly Flock)
This is a white pressure-sensitive viscose flock developed for direct printing using solvent/eco-solvent inks.  Specially designed for printing adhesive name tags, labels, decals, etc.  Also, great for rhinestone templates!  Achieve a photo-realistic print resolution with radiant colors. Not recommended for washing.
KTM-500 Clear Transfer Mask - a medium to high tack transfer material for Rhinestones as well as the Solvent/Eco-Sol PoliPrintables.
LuminousFlex is a glow in the dark flex film, laminated with a heat sealing adhesive. Glow in the dark decoration is becoming very popular and is suitable for sportswear, leisure wear and many other applications.
Transfer & Seal Special Application Tape –a medium tack transfer material for all our resin ink printables as well as certain Solvent/Eco-Sol printables.


Heat Press Tape


Teflon Sheet