DecoFilm Brilliant Chameleon
Heat Transfer Vinyls
DecoFilm® Brilliant Chameleon products all give a metal foil appearance. The “Brilliant” styles offer a smoother, chrome-like surface, but do not stretch and will not layer. These beautiful colors are transparent and give an iridescent shimmer that changes effects based on different garment colors. You can use this and other fashion lines to accentuate your designs.
Brilliant Chameleon - 19.5"wide
Price: 1-14 ft. - 3.30/ft.   15 ft.+ - 2.97/ft. (same color)
Chameleon Blue
Chameleon Pink
Chameleon Violet
Chameleon Orange
Chameleon Green
Chameleon Red

Here are samples of how Brilliant Chameleon
appears on different color shirts. Both shirts have the same colors applied, Chameleon Blue, Chameleon Pink and Chameleon Orange. 

Hopefully this will give you a better idea on how this product reacts on different colored backgrounds.
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