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Sublimation Inks
Key Features

  •   First Ink to Feature Self-Dispersing Dye Sub Technology
  •   Enhanced Color Gamut
  •   Color Offerings Including CMYK
  •   Ultra Crisp, Detailed Images
  •   Multi-Application Including Apparel, Textile and Rigid Imaging
  •   Perfect for Use with GO Fuze™ Dye-Sub to Cotton Kit
  •   Formulated for MicroTFP Printheads Only
  •   Outstanding Lightfastness
  •   Compatible for Use with Epson GO ET-2720 DS and, GO ET-15000 DS
  •   Set contains: Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, 70ml Bottles and Black, 140ml Bottle
  •   Made in the USA

GO SubliMate™ TFP Dye Sublimation Ink | for MicroTFP Printheads
GO’s SubliMate TFP Dye Sub Ink is the world’s first dye sub ink to feature self-dispersing technology. The significance of self-dispersing particles is that the dye sub particles repel one another and as a result materially increase jetting reliability, image quality, shelf life and color consistency. Traditional dye sub inks have particles that over a period of time, start to combine and eventually cause nozzle dropouts, or worse, complete clogging of the print head.
Epson Sublimation Inks Set

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Yellow 18.95-70ml
Magenta 18.95-70ml
Cyan 18.95-70ml
Black 29.95-140ml