Sublimation Transfer Paper
81/2" X 11" 100shts.
11" X 17" 110shts.
SubliMate Paper

13" X 19" 100shts.

Quick Overview
• Developed for EPSON and Ricoh Desktop Dye Sublimation Printers
• Works Perfectly with Sawgrass Dye Sub Ink and GO SubliMate ink (for use on large format)
• Instant Drying Time of 3 Seconds or Less
• Outstanding Image Clarity
• Super Fast Drying Times
• Patented Drying Process
• Excellent Color Gamut
• Excellent Price / Performance in Packs of 110 sheets

81/2" X 14" 110shts.

13" X 19"
11" X 17"
81/2" X 14"
81/2' X 11"
Serving the San Antonio Art Community since 1948!
With Subli-Print® Light! You can print directly onto Subli-Print® Light with your sheet-fed sublimation printers such as Sawgrass or Ricoh. Just print, cut, and press!

Subli-Print® Light is a matte white vinyl that gives you a quick and easy solution to creating colorful designs. You can either cut using a plotter and registration marks or simply cut it yourself with scissors! Subli-Print® Light is perfect for both light and dark colored cotton, uncoated polyester, or cotton/poly blend garments. It also presses quickly and at a lower temp than most sublimation products- 311° F for 15 seconds!
Subli-Print Light
81/2"x11" Sheet
3.85 ea.
81/2"x11" 50shts

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A matte thermo transfer film with a polyester backing. The Smooth White can be printed on directly- no sublimation paper required! This is a fantastic white to sublimate on. Don’t limit yourself to just white polyester garments- SubliFlex® also works on cotton and even dark garments!

Sheet Size Available: 8.5″x11″ and 11″x16″
Mask Needed: SubliMask (silicone-based)

Many transfer masks are polyester-based and cannot use with any sublimation films. The SubliMask is a special silicone-based mask so it can be used on sublimation films
SubliFlex Smooth White
81/2"x11" Sheet
2.75 ea.
11"x16" Sheet
4.25 ea.
11"x16" 10shts

 SubliMask is a special silicone-based mask so it can be used on sublimation films
81/2"x11" Sheet
.95 ea.
81/2"x11" Sheet
20" roll per foot