Spot Gun
Textile Spot Cleaning Gun
Now every textile shop can have the ability to blow out cured plastisol, mistakes and other spots on garments using a high pressure spray which is adjustable without an air compressor. Gun uses 110V electrical power.
This unit is an airless spray gun which provides a powerful spray through its precision adjustable nozzle, allowing the operator to infinitely adjust from jet to mist. This makes possible the cleaning of delicates such as silk and satin without the risk of ringing. Use with Shelby's Knock-Out.
Shelby's Knock-Out Cured Plastisol Ink Remover
Shelby's Knock-Out  is the most powerful cured ink remover manufactured. It is made for all screen print applications. The ultra fast-drying formula removes ink marks quickly and does not spread. This reduces chances of ink bleeding around the cleaned area. 
  • Great as a grease,soil, oil remover
  • Excellent solvency
  • 100% Non-flammable formula
  • Very fast drying
  • Will not leave any residue on fabric
Textile Spot Cleaning Gun
Shelby's Knock-Out 
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