Speedball Emulsion Kits & More
Speedball Speed Clean
This is preferable for removing screen filler.
Should ink dry in the screen; spray with Speed Clean by Speedball®, rub with a lint-free cloth. When ink is removed, was with a mix of warm water and dishwasher detergent using a soft brush. Rinse with warm water. 16oz.

Speedball Drawing Fluid
Screen Filler Method (Tusche – resist or “positive method”) 8oz.
Speedball Emulsion No. 4579
This quality photo emulsion produces sharp, high quality images. Used for direct application to the screen, this 32 oz. jar of emulsion is light-reactive, water-soluble and spreads easily. This emulsion must be mixed with No. 4578 Sensitizer.
Speedball Sensitizer No. 4578
Mix Sensitizer with Photo Emulsion to activate the development of a stencil image. When mixed with Photo Emulsion, this solution can be stored up to three months at room temperature or up to six months in the refrigerator. 2 oz. bottle. 
Speedball Photo Emulsion Kit No. 4559
An excellent kit for use in high-quality screenprinting. This photo emulsion kit contains a 7 oz. jar of Diazo Photo Emulsion, a 1 oz. bottle of Diazo Sensitizer, a 7 oz. jar of Photo Emulsion Remover and complete instructions. 
Speedball Hinge Clamps
Casst aluminum that is durable and rust resistant, features wide-wing thumbscrew for firm fastening to frame, positive locking for perfect registration.

Speedball Screen Printing "Toolkit"
The tools you need to get started in fabric screen printing, just add your own choice of ink colors .

Kit contains;
10×14" screen frame
Fabric Squeegee 
4 oz Screen Filler
4 oz Drawing Fluid
4 oz Diazo Photo Emulsion 
half gram Diazo Sensitizer
#6 round brush
Instruction Booklet. 

Speedball Screen Filler
This is a simple means of preparing a screen for printing. The screen filler is used to block out those areas that you do not wish to print. This allows the ink to be forced through the screen wherever the Screen Filler has not been applied. 8oz.

Speedball Screen Retarder Base
This slows the drying time of the inks. 8oz.
Extender Base
This acrylic extender base is designed to create a transparent color. 32oz.
Transparent Base
This base creates transparent colors for fabrics and acrylic inks. Do not add more than 10–15% of extender base in relation to ink volume.32oz.

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