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Mack Grey Quill Series 189L
The grey quill is also handmade in France & Germany and it is equally as important as the brown as an essential brush for the sign painter. The series 189L is a universal lettering brush. The Grey Talahoutky Squirell hair has more snap than the brown. It is used for general commercial work such as signs, truck lettering, boats, etc. The grey hair is more durable than the brown, and this brush is suitable for lettering on most surfaces.
Mack Brown Quill Series 179L
This brown quill is handmade in France & Germany by highly specialized brush makers. Made with Brown Kazan Squirell hair. This lettering quill is an essential tool in every sign painter's kit. The brown quill is best suited for smooth surfaces such as glass or automotive surfaces. Brown Quills are slightly softer than the grey quills.
Size: 2          3         4           5             6           8         10          12        
Length in inches:  7/8"    15/16"     1"    1-1/16"     1-1/8"    1-1/4"   1-3/8"    1-1/2" 
Size:                2          3          4        6         8          10      
Length in inches:    7/8"   15/16"    1"    1-1/8"  1-1/4"    1-3/8"

Mack Sign Brushes