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Mack Hanson "King 13"
This is a great traditional sword striper much like the Mack series 10, but with something extra . The difference is the even distribution of the hairs on the handle, this allows for a slight increase in taper. Distributing the hairs evenly on a wider handle end allows for a smooth even feel and paint distribution.

Size:                    #000        #00
Length in inches. 1-3/4"    1-3/4"
Mack Pinstriping Brush Series 10
100% Unmixed Blue Squirrel Hair hand crafted and shaped.
Extra attention is given to quality control with respect to shape and cleaning. Blue thread ferrule.

Size:       #00         #0        #1        #2
Length in inches.  7/32"       1/4"    5/16"    13/32" 

Size:       #00           #0           #1           #2
Length in inches. 1-7/8"     1-15/16"      2"       2-1/16" 

Mack Pinstriping Brush Series 1010
The same brush as the old Grumbacher 1010 series is now back.

Mack Pinstriping Brush Series 101 Mach-One
Similar to the old Grumbacher 1010 series but slightly longer.

Mack Pinstriping Brush Series XCaliber
What makes the XCaliber special is it's short hair length. Only
1 1/2" vs. the average 2" and 2 1/4". This shorter length allows greater control for intricate designs as well as long lines. 
Mack's new Black Widow Scroller
The Wizard Black Widow is the latest scrolling brush from Mack Brush and Steve “The Wizard” Chaszeyka. Developed for maximum control and response, to the specs of a veteran scroll striper, it holds the line and delivers beautiful results. If you use scroll striping, you'll love this brush!

Size: #000  #00  #0  #1

Mack Sign Brushes