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Length out in inches:
Length out in inches:
Mack Truck Letterer Series 1962
The Series 1962 is an excellent overall lettering brush. Pure Squirrel-Black Ox mixture. It is normally used for larger lettering and production lettering. It can also be used as a fill-in brush and an outliner for large letters. The long hair length allows the brush to carry a lot of paint. This brush is suitable for most surfaces. It is a mixture of pure squirrel and black ox. It has a flat ferrule and the hair comes in graduated lengths.
Mack One-Stroke Series 2962
Approximately 50% Brown Taklon & 50% Pure Kazan Squirrel. Preferred mixtures for water base & acrylic paint.
1/8"        1/4"        3/8"        1/2"         3/4"           1"
1-3/16"  1-3/8"    1-1/2"     1-5/8"     1-3/4"    1-15/16"    

3/8"        1/2"       3/4"
1-3/8"     1-1/2"    1-3/4"    

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