Mack Bristle Fitch Series 4055
This white bristle fitch (100% pure white hog bristle) is cup chiseled to a straight edge and also has a long polished handle. This is a lettering brush, but because the bristles are long it can also be used for outlining. This brush is best suited for outdoor work such as walls, bulletins and rough surfaces. 

Mack Angular Fitch Series 4090
The angular fitch is good for awning work. Sign painters also find it easier to use an angular brush when working on a wall or upright surface. It is good for outdoor work (awnings, walls, bulletins and rough surfaces). This brush is not chiseled. There is no advantage to chisel an angular liner, since most sign painters want an even down stroke. 
                 Size:             1/4"                  1/2"                  3/4"                    1"
Bristle Length:             7/8"                1-1/16"            1-7/16"               1-5/8" 
                                     7.25                 12.25               17.25                 20.55
Fitch Sign Brushes

                 Size:             1/4"                  1/2"                  3/4"                    1"
Bristle Length:             1/2"                  3/4"                   1"                   1-1/4" 
                                      4.65                 6.55                 8.89                 12.95
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