WMP Screen Printing Ink Modifiers
WMP Base Soft Hand NB
WMP Soft Hand Base is an ink additive mixing base designed specifically for softening stiff or hard inks, to make them easier to work with, when printing. 
WMP Curable Reducer
A low viscosity curable base reducer. Can be added at any level to reduce viscosity without making ink sticky. At higher levels of addition, opacity will drop.
WMP Curable Reducer
WMP Curable Reducer

WMP Soft Hand Base/qt.
WMP Soft Hand Base/gal.

WMP Puff Additive
is a concentrated plastisol printing ink which has been formulated so that when added to a finished ink, it produces a high “Puff” effect on a variety of fabrics. These finished inks print smooth and have an even rise for a clean, sharp print. Add at 5-15% by weight and test for desired puff effect. Depending on mesh count used and print technique, you may add up to 20% by weight.
WMP Puff Additive/qt.
WMP Puff Additive/gal.

WMP Low Cure Additive
This additive was design to reduce a traditional plastisol inks' curing temperature down to 300 degrees or below to aide in printing garments that are prone to bleeding or can be damaged by higher temperatures. Add 5-10% by weight to reduce temperature of the ink about 20 degrees.
There is no limit to how much LC additive can be added to meet your needs. Just be aware the additive will eventually impact the color roughly at about 30%.
WMP Stretch Additive (G&S Base)
G&S base is a multi-use base that can be used as stretch, glitter base, foil adhesive, underlay for stretch and can be used with a Pigment Concentrate(PC) system. Add up to 50% by weight to achieve desired stretch. For heat press use 390 degrees for 8 seconds. For Foil Adhesive apply at 325 degrees for 10 seconds.
WMP Low Cure Additive/qt.
WMP Low Cure Additive/gal.

WMP Stretch Additive/qt.
WMP Stretch Additive/gal.

WMP Just so Soft
Just so Soft is a super soft, buildup free mixing base designed specifically for wet-on-wet printing where a soft print finish is desired. It is recommended to add up to 75% of Just so Soft to your desired ink colors.
WMP Just so Soft/gal.

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WMP Just so Soft/qt.