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Screen Printing Classes
This four hour class will will cover the basics of t-shirt printing.
You will learn how to coat a screen with emulsion, how to expose it on an exposure unit, wash the image out, and prepare it for printing.
You will be shown how to register the screen on a printing press and you will print a two color design on a shirt.
You will be taught how to properly cure the ink with a flash dryer or conveyor dryer.
At the end of the class you will see how to remove the ink and emulsion so that you have a screen ready to put another image on.
We will talk about printing with specialty inks, how to print on polyester and nylon fabrics, and problems you may encounter when starting to print textiles.
The cost for this class is 60.00. Call for class schedule. 1-800-725-1349
Beginning T-Shirt Printing Class