Naz-Dar Nylon Catalyst No. NB-72
A specially formulated ink additive that provides superior adhesion to nylon fabrics when mixed with plastisol inks. Mix by weight 12-15% or by volume - 1 part catalyst to 16 parts ink. Must be heat cured at temperatures not lower than 300 degrees F.
Screen Printing Additives
NazDar NB-72 Nylon Catalyst
NazDar NB-72 Nylon Catalyst
64.15- qt.
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Triangle Reducer and Detackifier
Curable Reducer is a viscosity reducer that cures within a standard plastisol temperature range, which reduces the fear of over-reducing and ink curing problems. Curable reducer not only thins out your inks, but also reduces ink buildup on the bottom of your screens making it great for wet-on-wet applications. Adding in 5%-20% of reducer is common, but there is no set rule to how much you add. Just know that the more reducer you add to your ink, the less opaque your ink will become making for a transparent, less vibrant print.
Triangle Reducer- Detackifier

Triangle Reducer- Detackifier