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Screen Printing Ink Removers
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Shelby's Ink Remover
Dissolves plastisol inks and some solvent based inks. Dries quickly with no greasy residue. Use only with adequate ventilation.
Imagemate 260
An ink degrader that emulsifies plastisol inks for easy water removal before reclaiming.

Naz-Dar Ink Removers
Nazdar screen inks must be removed with the specific remover for the type of ink being used.
No. 2555 - For removing 59-000 and 7900 series inks.
No. SW 37 - For removing 9700 series inks.
No. VF 184 - For removing GV series inks.
Sprayway Screen Opener No. 957
Opens dried-up areas on screens. Compatible with all types of screen printing inks.
For use on screens made with photographic (direct or indirect) stencils or lacquer-proof knife-cut films only.

Camie Screen Opener No. 480
Instantaneously cleans plugged screens.
Works fast. Effectively reduces downtime.
Speeds production. 

Kor-Chem Pro Wash
ProWash is designed to open dried or clogged images on the screen during the production run. ProWash is great for use on textile inks without harming the emulsion. Excellent for press side wash up, color changes and as a pre-step to color changes. ProWash does not have any harsh solvent odors and is practically odorless! ProWash may be rinsed with water and is drain safe.

Screen Printing Ink Removers