QCM Perm White Ink
QCM PERM Series Plastisol Inks

QCM’s  PERM Series is the best all-around "bleed-fighter" available.  Due to the demand for an ink that
consistently fights dye migration, QCM has developed PERM Series. Unlike most "bleed resistant" inks, PERM Series exhibits the unique QCM quality of soft, creamy, easy to print consistencies. No more suffering with "tar"
to fight bleed.
PRINTING RECOMMENDATIONS: Screen meshes in the range of 74-110 tpi are recommended for best opacity. Higher mesh counts can be used successfully depending on your requirements. Direct emulsions, Capillary film or indirect stencil films are all suitable for screen preparation. Screens of 20 n/cm or higher are strongly recommended. If using lower tension screens adjust off contact accordingly. Use just enough squeegee pressure to deposit the ink on the surface of the shirt. This enhances opacity and helps ensure a good cure. Try not to drive the ink into the fabric. Squeegees in the 60-70 durometer range, round or sharp edge depending on preference, work well.

FLASH CURING: Depending on your flash unit, PERM Inks will flash in 2-5 seconds.

CURING: Recommended cure temperature is 325 degrees F for 60-90 seconds, depending on the curing unit and the thickness of ink deposit. The ink film must be heated throughout to thoroughly cure. When thoroughly cured the ink is 100% washable. Low wash temperatures and cool dryer settings are recommended. Do not iron or dry clean.

SUBSTRATES: PERM Inks are designed to provide maximum opacity on dark 50/50 fabrics, 100% polyester and other bad bleeders and to give the best bleed resistance while still offering easy printability. Since different garment manufacturers may employ different dyes and dyeing procedures, it is best to always pre-test your garment to determine the amount of dye migration you may experience. 

MODIFIERS: PERM Inks are ready to use. Modification is not necessary unless you’re trying to achieve a special effect or use. Any extenders or reducers will affect opacity. QCM’s DT-01 detackifier can be added at a ratio of 1-2% to reduce viscosity while maintaining opacity. Not more than 5%.
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