One Shot ZZ6002
High Temp Reducer
Sign Paints Additives & Brush Presevative
Clear 4003 is an oil based clear product that may be used to partially restore gloss level and color on signs originally painted with 1 Shot Lettering Enamels. Also for use as a protective coat on gilded surface, as well as backing up gilds in second surface glass applications. Available in 32oz.
A waterborne primer/barrier intended for use on most flexible synthetic favrics including untreated (non-ERC) banner materials, canvas, leather, leatherette, naugahyde and most synthetic awning fabrics.
Ti-Cote makes prepares these otherwise non-enamel receptive surafces ready to paint. Ti-Cote is milky white when applied, but dries clear and is generally ready to paint in 1-2 hours. Finish is Gloss. Available in 32oz.
1 Shot  Chromaflo 6000 Reducer  is designed to act as a flow enhancing additive for use with brush applications of 1 Shot Lettering Enamels and Chromatic Bulletin Colors Not to be mistaken as a reducer, ChromaFlo, when used sparingly, will increase brush control, decrease brush drag and enhance flow and leveling characteristic; especially suitable for lettering and pinstriping applications. Available in 32oz.
One Shot ZZ6002 High Temp Reducer
Chromaflo ZZ6000 Flow Enhancer
One Shot 4003 Clear
T-Cote Vinyl Primer 4331010

One Shot ZZ6000
Flow Enhancer
One Shot 4003 Clear
T-Cote Primer 32oz.
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6002 High Temp Formulated to improve flow and leveling at high temperatures by reducing viscosity and retarding the evaporation process without significantly reducing the quality of the coating. This reducer is ideal for lettering, graphics and pinstriping applications. Available in 32oz.

These products, engineered for use with 1 Shot products, should always be used, as opposed to mineral spirits, turpentine and other less-than-compatible reducing agents.
Hardener 4007 is designed to accelerate drying time for 1 Shot Lettering Enamels, Pearlescent Enamels, Background Enamels and Bulletin Colors. In many cases it can improve adhesion qualities, extend color life and increase gloss retention. It is also required when using any enamel or urethane topcoats over catalyzed 1 Shot.
Available in 8oz.
One Shot 4007 Hardener 
One Shot 4007
Hardener 8oz.

Mack Brush Preservative
Mack Brush Presevative 16oz.

A Preservative for oil pin stripping, sign lettering and artist brushes. Mack Brush Preservative will keep your brushes soft and keep their shape.