Screen Printing Emulsion Removers
Shelby's Emulsion Remover Powder Dissolve this powder in water to make a liquid stencil remover which removes all types of liquid emulsions and capillary films. Available in the following sizes: 50 grams = 1 gallon, 100 grams = 2 gallons, 1 lbs. = 10 gallons.
Ulano Stencil Remover Liquid No. 4 A ready-to-use stencil liquid remover for fast and thorough removal of direct emulsions and capillary films from all types of fabric including metalized polyester.
Will not etch fabric; contains no strong alkalis or hypochlorites. Ideal for use in tanks: will not attack adhesives on stretch and glue frames. Odor free.

Stencil Remover #4
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CP-2 One Step Ink & Emulsion Remover is an one step product that removes ink, block out, emulsion and capillary film from the screen all at once. CP-2 begins to work on contact and easily removes all types and combinations of inks and emulsions. CP-2 streamlines screen reclaiming, decreases labor, consolidates products and dramatically reduces the cleaning cost per screen. A versatile, biodegradable solution designed to be used in a variety of ways, CP-2 can be applied by spray for manual cleaning or used in dip tank applications.


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Chroma/Dip iSC is specifically formulated for optimum screen cleaning in dip tanks.
Just 1-2 minutes is all it takes to soften most stencils and inks for easy pressure washing.
Chroma/Dip iSC