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Sign Application Tapes
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Sign Application Tape

ApliTape™ is the original RTape application tape. It has all of the great features of RTape’s popular Conform® Series, but without the RLA® Release Liner Adhesion additive. Available in standard and heavyweight paper grades, in a variety of tack levels.

Clear Choice® film application tapes allow for precise registration of multiple color overlays. The rigid facestocks used for Clear Choice® minimize stretching to allow for precise alignment of graphics. Clear Choice® film tapes are available in a variety of tack levels from low to high to satisfy a wide range of sign applications.


Clear Film
Low to High tack adhesive
Air-egress micro tunnels
Easy handling and removal
Exceptional lay flat and clarity


Factor cut, razor slit rolls
Rubber adhesive
Heavyweight standard paper
Available in a variety of tack levels


Universal performance for wide range of applications
Extended shelf life even after lamination
No milky residue when used for wet applications

Textured & matte finish vinyl films
Fine lettering
Textureed wrap, window, wall films
Thermal die cuts

General purpose sign applications
Screen printing
Digital printing
Surface protection

Tears cleanly…no stringy, legging adhesive
No adhesion build on stored graphics
Works in either wet or dry applications