Aqua Flow Airbrush Paint
Aqua Flow Airbrush colors are "Colors Dreams Are Made Of,"
vibrant colors made of premium materials that have set the standards for airbrush colors for two decades.

These colors use exclusive ultra atomizing formulations that produce unmatched smooth photographic blends. Aqua Flow colors contain premium acrylic binders that provide durability and stability for your art, this will allow your work to endure the test of time and remain for future generations to enjoy. They select materials that are environmentally sound and are as safe as possible, making your work earth friendly.

Available in 2oz.8oz, and 32oz.

Top Binder is primarily used over finished textile art to provide additional protection. This coating requires heat setting for washable art.

Flow Tip is an additive used to keep paint lubricated thus reducing drying on the tip of the airbrush.

Aqua Flow Airbrush Paint 2oz.


Aqua Flow Airbrush Paint 8oz.


Aqua Flow Airbrush Paint 32oz.

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