Puff Additive MF-167
is a concentrated plastisol printing ink which has been formulated so that when added to a finished ink, it produces a high “Puff” effect on a variety of fabrics. These finished inks print smooth and have an even rise for a clean, sharp print. Add at 5-15% by weight and test for desired puff effect. Depending on mesh count used and print technique, you may add up to 20% by weight.
Puff Additive MF-167 gal.                  187.65
Puff Additive MF-167 qt.                     63.65

Stretch Additive STR-100
is a ready-to-use plastisol ink that is used to improve strength and elongation of standard plastisol inks (XOLB, LFP and WOW etc.). It can also be pigmented or used as a clear overprint.
Recommended mixing percentages are:
Colors: 70% Color – 30% STR 100
White: 55% White – 45% STR-100
A higher level of STR-100 is possible, but can create a loss of opacity in your colors and whites.
Stretch Additive STR-100 gal.           107.65
Stretch Additive STR-100 qt.             34.85
Triangle Soft Hand Base  gal.              49.95
Triangle Soft Hand Base   qt.              18.25
QCM Reducer No. 55
A low viscosity, Low Bleed Plasticizer. Use up to 10% without increasing bleed character. Will soften ink as cured product to make stretchier.
Plastisol Additives & Reducers
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QCM Curable Reducer No. P-5011
A low viscosity curable base reducer. Can be added at any level to reduce viscosity without making ink sticky. At higher levels of addition, opacity will drop.
QCM Softee Base No. WOW-1015
WOW-1015 Softee Base is a super soft, buildup free mixing base designed specifically for wet-on-wet printing where a soft print finish is desired. It is recommended to add up to 75% WOW-1015 Softee Base to your desired ink colors.
Naz-Dar Nylon Catalyst No. NB-70
A specially formulated ink additive that provides superior adhesion to nylon fabrics when mixed with plastisol inks. Mix by weight 12-15% or by volume - 1 part catalyst to 16 parts ink. Must be heat cured at temperatures not lower than 300 degrees F.
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Reducer No. 55 qt.                             16.55
Reducer No. 55 gal.                            32.90
Cruable Reducer No. P-5011 qt.         23.95
Cruable Reducer No. P-5011 gal.        39.75
Softee Base No. WOW-1015 qt.         17.49
Softee Base No. WOW-1015 qal.        45.95
Nylon Catalyst No. NB-70 2oz.              5.25
Nylon Catalyst No. NB-70 qt.              44.90