Orange is a ready-to-use SBQ-photopolymer direct emulsion formulated for imprinted sportswear printing. It is formulated with a “masking color” that reduces light scattering—the major cause of loss of resolution. With Orange, it is possible to use less costly white mesh without the closing up of fine lines and details. Orange is ultra-fast-exposing! It is perfect for shops with high stencil making throughput, as well as shops with fluorescent tubes or other low-intensity light sources. Orange has high viscosity that improves control when coating screens by hand and makes it a good choice for coarse mesh. Its high solids content results in better mesh bridging and edge definition, and fast drying. Orange resists plastisols, most washup solvents, and some water-based textile inks, and it is easy to reclaim. Orange stencils are durable, will not become tacky under high humidity conditions, and have excellent wet strength and exposure latitude. Orange reduces stencil-making time—in coating, drying and exposure
Orange gal.               60.25
Ulano Orange
QX-1 is a blue-green, ready-to-use, fast-exposing SBQ-dual-cure direct emulsion formulated for industrial and fine halftone graphics printing with conventional and water-based UV inks, and aggressive, solvent-based inks. Its matte finish virtually eliminates the printing problems usually associated with high and low humidity conditions. QX-1 is durable, and has good resolution and definition, and very good wet strength. It is very easy to reclaim, even if underexposed. Solids content: 37%. Viscosity: 6000 cps (25° C.) Shelf life: one year.
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Ulano QX-1
Ulano QTX
QTX is a ready-to-use, ultra-fast exposing SBQ photopolymer direct emulsion formulated for imprinted sportswear applications. QTX's high solids content provides superior coating properties, better bridging of coarse fabric, and fast drying. QTX resists plastisol and water-based inks, is also extremely durable, and reclaims easily. Do not subject to strong solvents during printing or wash-up. Pink color.
Ulano's blue TZ emulsion is formulated for use with water-based inks, water dyes and plastisols. TZ produces stencils with excellent mechanical resistance, good resolution and edge definition, and excellent water resistance. Stencils are easy to reclaim. Recommended for imprinted sportswear applications.
Ulano TZ
RLX is a multi-purpose high speed diazo photopolymer direct emulsion. RLX's very high solids content provides better stencil build per coat, excellent bridging of coarse mesh, and faster drying. RLX has superb coating properties and durability, and is resistant to a wide variety of solvent- and water-based ink systems. RLX is recommended for imprinted sportswear, P-O-P, and advertising specialty printing. Magenta color.
Ulano RLX
An abrasion resistant, general purpose emulsion for use with solvent based poster or enamel inks. Produces stencils with good resolution and definition; good solvent resistance. Supplied with high quality powdered diazo sensitizer. Recommended for low intensity light sources. Blue color.
Ulano FX88
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QX-1 Emulsion qt.      20.55
QX-1 Emulsion gal.     72.95
QTX Emulsion qt.       34.55
QTX Emulsion gal.      69.95
RLX Emulsion qt.        37.80
RLX Emulsion gal.       82.25
FX88 Emulsion qt.      41.40
FX88 Emulsion gal.     72.50
TZ Emulsion qt.          36.25