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Paasche Airbrushes
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Model VL
Paasche’s VL is known as the “workhorse”  by working professionals for painting T-shirts and vehicles. This siphon-feed, double action, internal mix airbrush can spray heavy fluids such as textile paint, auto lacquers, and enamels. 
Paasche's Model VL is available with three different multiplehead assemblies. The Paasche Model VL is suitable for both left- and right-handed users.

Model H
The H is easy to own and use — It's the perfect tool for airbrushing jobs that don't require the sophistication of a double action brush.
This airbrush include a ¼ oz color cup, wrenches, a hanger, and a lessons booklet.
The Paasche Model H in any one of three sizes and, by purchasing the other size air caps and color-adjusting parts, you can change easily from one size to another.

Model: VL-SET
Airbrush Set. Includes One VL#3 Double-Action Airbrush, Head Protecting Cap, one Metal Color Cup, two Bottle Assemblies, one Bottle and Cover Assembly, two Tips, Needles and Aircaps, Hanger, Wrench, one 6 Air Hose, 22 Airbrush LessonsBooklet and Parts
Paasche H1                       67.00
Paasche H3                       67.00
Paasche H5                       67.00
Paasche VL1                     98.00
Paasche VL3                     98.00
Paasche VL5                     98.00
Paasche VL-Set               124.00