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StyleTech Vinyls
Ultra Metallic, the original glitter vinyl for the craft market. Lots of amazing colors that are perfect for indoor & outdoor application. This vinyl is 15" wide.

Ultra Glitter
Price: 3.42/ft.
Ultra Red
Ultra Fluorescent Red
Ultra Fluorescent Pink
Ultra Fluorescent Blue
Ultra Fluorescent Green
Ultra Orange
Ultra Coral
Ultra Purple
Ultra Tiffany Blue
Ultra Light Blue
Ultra Mint
Ultra Sea Foam Green
Ultra Lime Tree
Ultra Green
Ultra Rosy Gold
Ultra Dark Grey
Ultra Cinnamon

Polished Metal
Price: 1.75/ft.
Price: 2.99/ft.
Craft Vinyl 
Price: .85/ft.
Galvanized                Rainbow                  Bubbles             Mosaic Silver
Price: 3.35                                              1.95/ft.                                           3.15/ft.                                          2.16/ft
Transparent Glitter
Price: 1.89/ft.
Chrome                                                        Mist
Price: 2.25
Craft Vinyl, our most “basic” film but there’s nothing basic about it. There is still a nice glossy finish to give your projects that pop! This vinyl is 15" wide
Tiffany Blue
Rose Gold

Polished Metallic,a bright metallic-looking film that adds a shine and pop to whatever project you are working on. This vinyl is 12" wide.
Sky Blue
Apple Green

If you want an entire spectrum of colors on one sheet of vinyl, Opal is exactly what you need! The colors change as you move them around.
This vinyl is 12" wide.
​Bright Green

Chrome has a higher luster and light reflectivity that is achieved by utilizing
ultra high clarity polyester in the manufacturing process. This vinyl is 12" wide.
12" rolls of StyleTech Opal


The only film in the world that is colored glitter on both the inside AND outside. Great for glassware! This vinyl is 12" wide.
​Royal Blue

Premium rainbow holographic vinyl with highest rated durability on the market.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. 
Price: 2.25
Light Pink