QCM Wet on Wet / Four Color Process Inks
QCM FOUR COLOR PROCESS INKS are a superior quality transparent plastisol formulated to achieve the most accurate 4 color process reproduction. These colors are finely milled allowing the ink to pass easily through the fine mesh counts required for this type of printing resulting in minimal ink deposits while maintaining excellent color strength. For best results print on white garments, cotton or cotton polyester blends of a tight weave. Open weave garments give a washed out appearance with process printing. If printing on colored garments use a white underlay or base print.

ARTWORK & SEPARATIONS: A good finished product starts with the original artwork. "Know the limitations of Process Printing on Garments." It is impossible to reproduce exactly a photograph of full color piece of artwork. You can achieve a very good, even excellent representation but it will never match exactly the original. This is due to limitations of line/dot size and density minimums required to screen print on garments. Be sure your customer is aware of that. Your separations should be done by one of the professionals catering to the garment printer. Through their experience and knowledge they can incorporate some "tricks of the trade" to give you the closest reproduction you can expect to achieve.

QCM Four Color Process Inks

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