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FDC Vinyl
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FDC Vinyl - per ft.

FDC High Performance Sign Vinyl products are cast or calendered PVC films designed for computer cutting. You’ll find them well-suited for irregular or compound-curved surfaces, vehicle graphics, and long-term signage applications.
Compared to other sign films, Premium Sign Vinyl is a much better value in terms of performance.
Available in 15".     

Premium Sign Vinyl Features:
Greater Durability
A Longer Lifetime
Better Conformability
Excellent Weedability
Minimal Fading or Color Shift when exposed to environmental pollution or any of a wide range of chemicals.
Multi LensSilver
Multi Lens Gold
Multi Lens Galaxy
Multi Lens Cherry Red
Multi Lens Raspberry
Multi Lens Royal Blue
Mosaic Green
Mosaic Gold
Engine Turn Gold
Breakfast Blue
Restful White
FDC Intermediate Sign Vinyl
A lower-cost alternative to Premium Sign Vinyl, our Intermediate Sign Vinyl products are generally calendered PVC films. They’re preferred for medium-term applications that don’t require a Premium film’s performance. Example applications would be banners and frontlit or unlit signs. Intermediate Sign Vinyl is also great for vehicle markings that are flat or slightly curved.
Engine Turn Gold
Multi Lens Raspberry
Mosaic Silver