Galkyd Medium   8oz.           15.25
Refined Linseed Oil   8oz.      11.25
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GALKYD LITE (Low Viscosity)
           Galkyd Lite is different from Galkyd                       because it is made from an alkyd resin                  that has a lower viscosity. The viscosity                of Galkyd Lite is very similar to that of a                traditional damar/refined linseed                            oil/turpentine painting medium. Galkyd                 Lite is also ready to use. Because of its                  lower viscosity, Galkyd Lite will leave                     brush strokes in thicker layers. Glazes                   made with Galkyd Lite look slightly less                  glossy than those made with traditional mediums or Galkyd. Like Galkyd, Galkyd Lite is formulated to thin oil colors and maintain strong flexible paint films. Besides painters who prefer a lighter painting medium, landscape painters and others who enjoy painting outdoors will appreciate the longer working time of Galkyd Lite (approximately three hours). Thin layers will be ready to paint over within 24 hours. Thins with odorless mineral spirits.

NEO MEGILP Oil Painting Medium is a soft, silky gel. Neo Megilp gives body to paint, decreases viscosity, and can produce a luminous Turner-like atmosphere, suspending and supporting paint in a soft gel. And it is made from contemporary materials so it will not turn yellow or dark as it did in the 17th and 18th centuries. Neo Megilp can also replace Maroger Medium for artists who love the working properties but are now concerned about Maroger's poor aging qualities.
Gamblin Mediums
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Galkyd is an alkyd resin painting medium that increases the fluidity of oil colors and speeds their drying time. Thin layers of oil colors are dry in 24 hours. The viscosity of Galkyd is similar to traditional painting mediums made from linseed stand oil. Galkyd levels brush strokes, creates a strong flexible paint film and leaves an enamel like glossy finish. Galkyd is ready to use. Thins with odorless mineral spirits. Painters can add up to 50% by volume odorless mineral spirits to change the viscosity of Galkyd for glazing. Galkyds are excellent glazing mediums.

Galkyd Gel "G-Gel"
         G-Gel is a gelled alkyd resin painting                      medium, which Robert formulated for                  painters who want to create transparent              impasto. Thixotropic G-Gel holds marks                and brush strokes. G-Gel makes impasto              of approximately 1/4" thick. You can                   apply multiple layers. G-Gel does not                     contain driers so it does not dry as fast as           most gel mediums. Adding driers causes oil           paintings to darken and become brittle                 over time. G-Gel contains a very small amount of silica so it is very transparent and lightweight.
Cold Wax Medium
              Cold Wax can be used to make oil                        colors thicker and more matte. A soft                   paste formulated to knife consistency,                 Gamblin Cold Wax medium is made                       from naturally white unbleached                           beeswax, alkyd resin and odorless mineral spirits (OMS). Gamblin Cold Wax Medium can be thinned to brush consistency by dissolving in a small amount of OMS. The surface of paintings made with beeswax mediums will become only as hard as a beeswax candle. Adding Galkyd to cold wax painting medium/oil colors mix will increase the sheen and flexibility of the paint film. Use a small amount to make Galkyds more matte. Gamblin Cold Wax Medium contains no oil so it can be applied as a wax varnish over a dry oil painting.
Gamsol OMS 16oz.               13.45
Gamsol OMS 32oz.               20.25
Gamsol OMS 128oz.             53.95
Gamvar Varnish 8oz.            21.55
Galkyd Gel 150ml                 17.95
Galkyd Medium 16oz.           25.95
Galkyd Medium 32oz.           46.75
Galkyd Lite 8oz.                   15.25
Galkyd Lite 16oz.                 25.95
Neo-Megilp 8oz.                   15.25
Neo-Megilp 16oz.                 25.95
Gamsol - Odorless Mineral Spirits
                Excellent solvent for thinning Gamblin                   mediums and for general painting,                        including studio and brush cleanup.                      Flashpoint 145 degrees F.

                Gamsol is 100% pure odorless mineral                  spirits (OMS). Some painters think                        OMS is more toxic because you cannot smell it. This is not true. Odorless mineral spirits is less toxic because harmful aromatic solvent has been removed. By using odorless mineral spirits (OMS), you can cut down on your exposure to solvent vapors. During a three hour painting session, about 20% of OMS evaporates in the air around you. Compare that with the evaporation rate of turpentine, which is so fast that during a three hour painting session, approximately 90% of the turpentine evaporates.
                 Oil Painting Mediums
                     Galkyd painting mediums are                                made with odorless mineral spirits,                        which can also be used to thin                              Galkyds and for brush and studio                         clean up. Gamblin Galkyd Painting                         Mediums thin oil colors for painting and glazing and speed drying time of oil colors. Galkyds are made with alkyd resins.
Neo Megilp
Galkyd Painting Medium
Refined Linseed Oil 16oz.      19.75
Refined Linseed Oil 32oz.      28.35
Cold Press Linseed Oil 16oz. 19.75
Cold Wax 4oz.                      8.95
Cold Wax 16oz.                  22.45