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Auto-Air Colors are waterbased custom automotive paints.

Auto Air Colors have over 200 colors and effects, all of which are intermixable for endless color creations.  Colors include pearls, pearl-flakes, metal-flake, metallic colors, chameleons, chameleon-pearl flakes,  candy colors, iridescent colors and more. Sizes available are 4oz.

Auto Air Colors are for complete paint jobs, graphics onto existing finishes or for intermixing with urethane paint jobs. Auto Air Colors are compatible with all urethane products allowing them to work with all urethane paint systems.  Auto Air Colors are the perfect compliment to other paint systems which lack custom color options.

Auto Air Colors are ready to spray out of the bottle without the need for mixing a catalyst or reducer.  Colors may be thinned with Auto Air Reducer to achieve a lower viscosity when spraying with an airbrush.  Auto Air Colors do not have a limited pot life during use and their storage life exceeds 2 years.

Auto Air Colors do not have time windows. They may be top-coated with a urethane clear at any time after they’ve cured no matter how long the time period between painting and clearing there is.  Auto Air Colors are compatible with all urethane clears.

Auto Air Colors are lightfast and durable.  Auto Air Colors contain less than 0.1% V.O.C. Auto Air Colors have been tested according to industry-wide accepted standards for fade resistance and durability.
Auto-Air Automotive Paint
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